If you have not played WAR in a while or are thinking about joining back up I would highly recommend it for a few reasons:

1. They just a had a server reorganization so there are less servers which means that there are always people on to do Public Quests or oRVR and scenarios.

2. the new patch also released 2 new classes-- the choppa and the slayer

3. There were numerous bug fixes with the new patch and the game is running great now

4. the main reason alot of my friends (ad I) quit before was because once we got to tier 4 there was not that much to do and we got disinterested...soon they will be releasing a ton of new content for tier 4 which will include a whole new area called land of the dead (I think its supposed to be the tomb king realm!!!!!)

I suggest you go to the website and check it out because there are alot of new things going on in WAR and I believe that the game has greatly improved.

I am currently leveling my archmage on the Magnus server if anyone wants to level with me (just PM me and let me know your name)