I'm thinking of returning to WARHAMMER ONLINE. I tried it once when it first came out, but the lack of decent careers (cultivation i mean wtf?) and only a few classes to choose from let it down for me. Was ok been a goblin shaman for a while but spamming the same 2-3 spells got boring fast and servers were underpopulated.

However my friends have returned to it saying there have been recent changes that have made the game so much better. So I'm thinking of coming back too to rejoin the group. However I don't know whats changed for the better int he game nor remember which class is best for what.

I'm not generally an offensive style player, favouring more healing / support or defense. However I'm open to any class that I might enjoy however I want to choose a class that will benefit my current group of mates a lot (i.e. I help people, not cave skulls in).

What has changed in Warhammer Online lately and which classes could players reccomend for me in the following roles?

Group Support / Buffer
DPS Offensive