Well, for those of you that have a PS3 and were somehow on the fence about this game, let me say that it is amazing. I got a sneak preview of playing this game and it is amazing. (by that I mean my local blockbuster screwed up big time and I was able to rent it on the 23rd)

Ive been playing the hell out of it for the last 3 days and every time I turn the PS3 on it blows my mind how great this game is. There is nothing quite like doing an electrical slide thing on power lines while zapping gangs with lightning and lobbing static grenades, or pinning enemies with arc lighting and then thunder dropping in the middle of them to cause a huge explosion.

This game has been getting an average review of 9-9.5 and I have to say it fully deserves it. They somehow even made the usually boring stuff really fun with the way you climb, jump, slide and float from one building to the next (by boring stuff I mean finding charged metal and dead drops).

I've never been so happy with someone else making a mistake before. Thank you blockbuster employees for not checking the street release date when you got Infamous in stock.