Well, several of us have now downloaded the open beta pre-release version of Dawn of War. And most of those have also upgraded it to version 1.4 with the patch that became available when going online, from Saturday the 15th.

Frequent visitors to our IRC Chatroom (#warhammer40k) will have noticed that a select few disappear in the evenings having arranged to go and play an impromtu games.

So, it might be worth just writing out our first impressions of the beta version of the game, and which might then suggest other topic threads to go into this forum.

It's a very spectacular game, the animations and special effects work well, in my opinion. Something that is well worth doing in a tutorial game, if you have not come across this yourselves yet (oh for a standard set of instructions) is to freeze the action (with Pause/Break key) and then hold down the alt key and move your mouse. You should find that the camera angle changes too. Also, you can zoom in using the mouse wheel, (or if you haven't got a mouse wheel, I've heard hold down both mouse buttons). To restore the usual camara viewing angle, hit the Backspace key (not the Delete key - thats Self Destruct&#33. To follow a particular unit with the camera - select them and tap the hash key (#).

All in all, it bodes well for a good game (especially as we hear there are several elements to go into the final release version that are not in the Beta) and should be a worthy addition to the 40K gaming universe.