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also, discover more about the game AGE OF WONDERS


basically, i am working (though currently mainly planning) a full total conversion of the ancient game AGE OF WONDERS. its old, obsolete, but very cool. i also know how to edit alot of its properties. recently the ability to rename ANYTHING has developed that has made this possible.

the original idea was to make a mordheim mod, but im going to try and make a mordheim/warhammer mod in one, with 'mordheim' effectively being one of the many playable maps.

the key feature to this game is PBem, PLAY BY EMAIL. imagine an epic campaign that could go on as long as you like!

what i am planning currently is what races to have. and this is where you all come in!

the game is a RPG/RTS, that isnt too dissimilar to heroes of might and magic, just with better battles. you may organise armies in the form of 8 characer* parties (*which i will re-render as units). with these parties you can conquer cities. in cities you can build more units/gather resources etc. each city has a specific race attributed to it, which when under your control you can change if you like, but it is possible to build units of other races even if your race is different (dwarves building elves, orcs build undead etc). race diplomacy, and player diplomacy are all affected by this, generally races of similar types (ie good/evil) ally, and ones that differ become enemies.

the mechanics of the game allow 12 playable races.

1 Pure Good
3 Good
1 Pure Neutral
3 Neutral
3 Evil
1 Pure Evil

Extra races can be included as a 'none' option, ie trolls, gnoblas and other minor races would have these.

I like to imagine good as 'Law' and evil as 'Chaos'.

What races would you have?

this game would be aimed at you all as its target audience as there is no longer a real AoW community to speak of.

your input is very much appreciated!