Greetings Mortals! I come to you today to inform you about one of the best, most in depth and visual amazing DOW DC mods around. Enter Firestorm Over Kronus. The mod has been in development for several years now, and unlike most mods out there, FoK wont be dieing, or even slowing down for a long time. DoW40K:FoK is a 'closer to codex' mod. The mod not only radically changes gameplay and refines balance, but also is continually adding new units, upgrades, and abilities. A large and active community has grown up around this mod and we currently have around 900 members at our forums actively contributing ideas and suggestions. here is just a teaser of what we have done



The mod has focused on Space Marines, Chaos Space Marines, Tau, Orks, Imperial Guard, Eldar all with new models, texture, balance and more! The mod also includes Necrons, and BLACK TEMPLARS! all fully functioning, animated and badass! We were recently voted into the top 100 gaming mods for 2008 and were the only DoW mod listed! Please take a look at what we have done, FoK 3.6 is near release fixing all if not all bugs from 3.5 version, also FoK 4.0 is on the works which will be for Soulstorm.

Trailer: YouTube - Warhammer Dawn Of War - Firestorm Over Kronus 3.5
moddb : DoW40k: Firestorm over Kaurava mod for Dawn of War - Mod DB
Forum : Dawn of Warhammer 40,000: Firestorm Over Kronus • Index page
FoK steam Group: Steam Community :: Group :: Dawn of War: Firestorm over Kronus

To install all you should need to do in extract the Mod folder to main Dark Crusade one. make sure the module file is in the DC folder as well +++IMPORTANT+++ Make sure you have all the DoW DC patches before you download. (Without them you will not be able to play) you can grab them here! Dawn of War Mods, Dawn of War Maps, Dawn of War Downloads

Our Mod Team is also working on a modification for DoW II: Dawn Of Wahammer 40k 2: Warpstorm Over Aurelia mod - Mod DB