I have been a big fan of the God of War franchise since even before it came out. The drastic gameplay, outstanding storyline and highly rendered environments certainly solidify Kratos in action gaming history.

Even though the second installment left us on a cliffhanger, (even though it was literally a cliffhanger), I would have to say that the game certainly did not disappoint, imho, however I have heard that people are traded their God of War 3 in early, to cash in on the high reward for it.

I do not understand it, and so I ask those that have played it what they think of the title. Was it as good as the previous 2 installments? Did you think that it lived up to all the hype pre-release? If it didn't, what do you reckon could have been done better, or completely reworked?

You know my opinion, I would like to hear yours.

Good Hunting.