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Thread: 360 woes

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    360 woes

    I've been having some really bad luck with my 360 recently.

    First I filled up my hard drive and was going to trade it in for a new 250gb one when mine decided to red-light of death.

    Then the UPS guy didn't pick it up. Twice. Then it got lost somewhere. Then sent back still broken. Finally fixed.

    Then I went to trade it in at game only to find Microsoft are not letting anyone sell normal 250gbs because they want to shift the Reach special editions and all normal one have to be sold with kinect due to its upcoming realease.

    So after 3 months of waiting to get it back, I have to wait another month for Microsoft to stop flogging the gimmiky piece of crap that is kinect......


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    That's pretty rough. I could suggest going through and checking all of the files on your harddrive, as I'm sure there are some which you aren't using.
    I'm also sure that you can still pick up a 250gb harddrive somewhere, but it might not be new. MS flogging the Reach console is what's stupid. They thought that the played-out Halo series was going to be desirable enough that Halo:5 could carry a console. Now they're realizing how stupid they were.

    I don't know about your experience, but the time that I've spent with the Kinect system, it's seemed pretty solid. And you have to think in terms of comparison: the PS3 'Eye' was a steaming pile of **** that Sony wishes you'd all forget (hence the new 'Lolipops' motion system), and don't even get me started on the Wii. The fact that MS has released a motion-sensitive gaming console, and even had the good sense to make it compatible with the 360 instead of releasing an "XBox 720" is definitely worthy of two thumbs up from me. And I own the other two systems in question. The only thing the Playstation has over the 360 is the BluRay player. Not the free online support, because XBox Live is still king in that regard, and although our system is a bit... shall we say "touchy"... Microsoft still does a pretty good job taking care of us all (UPS wasn't a MS problem).

    Hell of a lot better than my iPod. Apple sends you a "coffin" and tells you to send it back to them. But you can only ship it through the company where they get the containers, and you need to send them practically all of your receipts, box tops, and firstborn children. That shipping company happens to be a good hour drive from my house, and you're paying for that shipping cost. Then they do one of three things:

    1. Change the battery and send it back
    2. Tell you that you've voided your warranty and send it back
    3. Send you a new iPod (if they still sell your model), then refurbish the old one and sell it at WalMart.
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