I have bought DOWII Retribution lately and after almost finishing the Ork campaign i have wondered if Relic are thinking of making another expansion for DOWII (maybe inbetween/after DOWIII).
All I can say is, please Relic, PLEASE do not add the Tau. They suck fluff wise, they suck in DOWI and they would suck in DOWII.
The epic melee system of DOWII would mean the Tau would get smashed. with the pure amount of win (reference:suppresion, knockback and stun). The infantry, at least, would get stomped by anything that can run, their kroot would suck as they cant stand toe-to-toe with ANY assualt units and battlesuits would be caught easily by jetpackers.
Seriously, if you were to face Tau, all you would have to do is spam infantry. 4-5 squads of Meganobz would just steamroll any Tau resistance their would be.

What do you think of adding Tau?