250$ US.
Coming around March something.

Your input?

Most will say exspensive....

here is mine..

Ok, people, just learn and grow up.

Stop bashing this system.

If you dont like it... honestly just go... on the DS boards or whatever.. save yourself energy!

250$, im not saying its a price i'd pay, though tis nothing to bash about.

Yes its high price, but so is a couple hundred dollar Ipod mp3 player, so is a couple hundred dollar pda, or even back in the days a 300$ xbox.

Everything comes out, on the launch date exspensive

XBOX= 300$
PS2= 300$
GAMES= 50$

but dont you notice the price drops?

Stop bashing the system and prices.. its just following the trend.

just wait a month or something.., should have some price drops.

nonetheless there will be people who will buy this system at 250$. Sony is looking for those people first, then they will kick it a little more, grab more people, then kick it down some more.. and repeat.

its just life.

We pay big money for the new tech world which demands..

"Smaller, high tech, portable things"

Here is just one of them.