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    Hi everyone. I know this probably isn't the best place to ask for computer tech support, but it's the only forum that I check regularly.

    Yesterday, I installed a graphic card into my computer.

    My computer is a Dell Dimmension something or other at 3.8 processor and 256 RAM.

    I installed a N-Videa GeForce card and now I'm having a bit of a problem.

    I properly installed both hardware, and software for the graphic card into the system, and am now running my monitor off of the NVidea instead of the default piece of crap. All of my settings have transitioned properly (start button and task bar, desktop icons and wallpaper all made it.)

    The problem is this:
    Normally, whenever you move your mouse to the top, bottom, left or right side of the screen, the mouse will stop as if it's hitting a wall, that's as far as you can scroll your mouse.
    Now, for some reason, if I scroll my mouse to the top, right, or bottom side of the screen, it stops, however, if I scroll to the left side of the screen, the mouse dissappears entirely, as if the mouse is infinetley scrolling to the left beyond what my monitor is displaying (keep in mind that the Start button is still visible on the bottom left corner, indicating this should be the far left side). It's like my monitor doesn't have a left wall!

    It's a minor inconvenience, as sometimes it just results in a hidden mouse pointer that I have to scroll a lot to the right to find. But it's a real pain when I play games such as Dawn of War or Command and Conquer as I can't scroll the screen to the left to see what's going on in certain parts of the battlefield.

    I tried changing the horizontal placement and display for my monitor (using the actual buttons on the face of the monitor) but that doesn't do anything (remember the Start button is still visible).

    If anyone has experienced this problem and overcome it, or more helpfull, if someone is a computer guru and can help me out, that would be greatfully appreciated.

    Thanks very much in advance.


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    You might want to check and see if in your display settings you have it set as running duel monitors.

    Try unplugging your monitor from the new card and plugging it into the old port. If you get a blank screen with no start bar, but you can move the mouse around, you are probably set up to be running two monitors.

    If you play around in your settings you can probably figure out how to disable the second monitor. (Right click the desk top, properties, settings tab.)

    If that’s not the problem try uninstalling all your graphics drivers for your old and new card. Then re-install just the new card. Some times various drivers can cause problems when on the same computer.
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