That's the best way to start out a thread about this game!

The graphics, sound, story, and combat are all very, very good.

What's that? You haven't heard of it?

Well, look it up on the net, or better yet go to gamespot and check it out, just take my word and buy it!

It's a unique space combat game where you command capital ships instead of one lonely fighter.

It's as close to playing Battlefleet Gothic on the PC as you are going to get until GW gets off their asses and makes the actual PC game.

You play as a single captain (in the campaign) who has his ship assigned to various tasks which inevitably bring you into combat with other capital ships. There are no boring moments in this game!

Even the escort missions break into fast paced combat fairly quickly.

You eventually earn the right to command more than just one capital ship and can end up in charge of quite an intimidating little fleet of your own.

Did I mention you get to choose the load out of all the weapons and fighters carried by every single capital ship in your fleet ( the amount of variances can make a mini game in itself)?

Your crew and commanders gain experience from every battle taking them from rookies to hardened veterans and improving your overall fleet performance.

I haven't tried the multiplayer game yet as I am still working my way through the campaign.

I hope anyone with the cash and the need for a great game takes a chance on this one. It's definitely worth the $39.99 US I paid for it and then some!

As an aside, this game actually started out as Imperium Galactica 3. But when the company making it went out of business it had to change it's name a couple of times before it finally made it to production! :wacko: