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Thread: PSP Talk

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    LO Zealot Tyrael-RM's Avatar
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    PSP Talk

    seeing how there is no definite handheld area.. i just gunna start psp talk in here...

    Do you think psp is worth the money? It is indeed a universal entertainment machine..
    but 250$?


    I'm planing to get one in the near future.. although wh40k calls me... deeply more.

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    a couple of my friends got one and the picture and sound quality is excellent. It has a joystick too! It was really cool having a joystick on a handheld. The buttons are like a playstation, except there is only 1 L and R instead of two. They said it has 32 MB of memory so you can't hold much until you get a memory card for it. When you get the memory card you end up spending $300 total on the psp and the memory card. I almost think it would be better to get an MP3 player or an Ipod. I didn't really like the games for it so the MP3 or Ipod would be better for me.

    It is pretty cool, but I still don't know if I'll get one.
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    i agree with aufde. its really not worth it in my eyes. my friend has one and its okay... its not the best, but its pretty good as far as handheld gaming systems go. however, i think i'll stick to my gba for now. o and another thing, there is not a joystick in the sense of one that you could play flight sims on, but more of an analog thing... just flat. so IMO its not worth it, you might as well boost your army with the money you spend on the psp

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