I'm a big fan of Diablo II and also Warhammer Quest and was thinking of combining the two i.e WHQ rules with Diablo II characters and quests.
Basically re-write the rule book and quests to fit the Diablo II story line.

Most models won't be a problem: Bloodthirster would make a good Diablo, Keeper of Secrets for Andariel, Lord of Change for Mephisto, Great Unclean One for Duriel, Goblins for fallen, skeletons, zombies, ghosts, chaos warriors, dark elves, high elves, witch elves, minotaurs, ogres etc.
I'm not sure what edition WHFB we're on now, 6 or something, but the rules would be for I think the 4th edition, when WHQ was released.

Basically would be a game of warhammer but the player would only have one model; necromancer, barbarian, amazon, paladin or sorceress. Not too bothered about using Druid or Assassin or even using the Lord Of Destruction add on pack as it would just make it far too big to manage.

Each kill would give you a certain amount of experiance to up levels, creatures would drop gold and items and generally be just like WHQ.

Maybe just do the first act and see how it went as it would be the easiest to do as it is all on grass, with forests and things and then various dungeon levels.

I'd have to re-read the rules for WHQ and WHB4thEd (I think it's that, might be 5th ed - the book with the High Elves in the front and the first one with the new WHFB logo) so it's just an idea.

I really like the idea of a mercenary warrior fighting both for personal gain and also for the good of his town/king/god and advancing up levels and getting harder and I was gutted when WHQ ceased to be. When Diablo and DII came out it was just like a computer game version of Hero Quest and WHQ.

Any thoughts? Any one able to help maybe get it off the ground and would anyone be interested in playing it?