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    KOTOR II - I'm stuck

    I am stuck on the SKY RAMP map, more specifically, the second forcefield.
    The first one can be disabled using a command console but the second one seems to require Bao-Dur to get rid of, and herein lies the problem.
    I have used Bao-Dur as part of my previous mission in the SITH TOMB and I am not allowed to select him as a party member for the SKY RAMP (since, chronologically speaking, the SITH TOMB and SKY RAMP missions happen at the same time). And now I have not means to open that second forcefield.
    Am I missing something or is that a glitch in the game?

    Zen out

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    Hmmm....i remember this part, and i remember the field going down - are you light side or dark side? Because if you're dark, you can simply use Force Storm and annihilate everything near you, including defending troops and everything around you. Just kill all of the people around you and you should auto-target the power conduit and then blow it up - this should take down the shield. If that doesn't work, kill all nearby enemies and then just have a look around. Anything you need to do should be auto-targeted, but if it doesn't work, you probably have a glitch. Go back to your last save and do it again, glitches happen an awful lot in that game. But I didn't use Bao-Dur, and finished it easily.
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