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    Xbox Live question - help a live noob in need

    I'm getting xbox live tomorrow. But I've googled it, and i've looked on the xbox website, and I can't find an answer to my question. So maybe someone else can help me here.

    I have a laptop with an internet connection (AOL, the scum of the web by my opinion). I am connected up to broadband in the following manner - i have a USB cable going from a port on my computer to a BT Voyager 105 ADSL modem. A picture of the ports on the modem is available here . Then i have what i believe is an ethernet cable (is it RJ425 or something) going from the modem to the DSL filter, then the DSL filter goes into the wall.
    My question is this - do I need any kind of specialist setup for this to work? I've heard people say it'll be easier than normal with my setup, yet others have said it'll be harder as I'll have to route it through a computer and a massive load of technical jargon which I don't understand. So will it be possible to put it through the modem on it's own? Or will I have to put it through the computer?
    Thanks for the help, in case anyone hasn't noticed I'm not that good with computers and wiring things up :confused: . I just don't want to end up going out and wasting my money before finding out that I need a million and one other things for it to work. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    RJ45 is an ethernet cable. Since you have a PC and a modem, the Live Kit contains everything you need.

    I haven't set up a live connection for my XBox, but I looked into it when I first got the XBox.
    You can either hook it up direct to the modem, or route it through the computer.From memory, there are directions for both that come with the kit. There may also be an install disc for the PC, which will automatically set up everything for you (I wouldn't be surprised, as Microsoft does both operating systems). If there is a disc, you don't need to find the settings in the 4th paragraph.

    The only factor with setting it up through a computer is the computer is acting as a proxy server (remembers where you've been on the net, load up oft-visited sites quickly. Also allows you to share an internet connection) for the XBox.

    Just make sure that you check the XBox's settings/the documentation in the kit for these things:
    Proxy IP Address:
    This should be the PC's IP Address, found in the Network Settings Control Panel. This will probably need to be added to the XBox's settings somewhere.
    Port Number:
    Either in the XBox's settings ot the kits docs. You will need to manually allow the port to be used if you have a firewall, but most firewalls will ask you, rather than block it until you find the setting.

    Hopefully I have explained that sufficiently.
    Greetings from Planet X, I hope you enjoy your day.
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