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    Free online MMOs you ask?

    Fat Credit to onRPG.
    Here is a list of Games which I feel are playable. Ofcourse there are many others. But i do not wish to flood this topic with stupid games.

    Updated: {8-29-05}

    A game created back ago, but still remains famous and top to this day. Created by gravity, a cartoon anime character on 3dish enviroment MMORPG. It gets quite addicting as there are many things to do.

    Real game has a fee to it, but there are private servers ( more like saying i'm asking for LOers to join my friends private server, and start LO guild or something ^.^) (main site, to look at gameplay.) (my friends private server) Post for help right there, and i'll get you the client and help you out.

    ++R.O.S.E. ONLINE++

    Gravity's new game. The graphics of Rose Online are amazing. It also has a few features not used in other MMORPGs, such as cart driving and Castle Gear(robot you control). The Game is fun, but can get repetitive if you do not keep a steady leveling pace.


    A game made by Naxon. Maplestory is a 2d button mashing platformer-MMORPG. Fun and interesting at first glance, but will get very very repetitive. Not to also add that you lose 10% exp every time you die. This can be nerveracking if you are at higher levels.

    ++Knight Online++

    Nothing too great to say about this game. doesnt have too much features that makes it stand out, but it has decent graphics.. atleast.. for a free game. nothing i'd pay for, if it there was a fee.

    Never played this one but it looks pretty good, graphics are kinda blocky but it is free...

    ++Eternal Lands++

    Like Runescape with better graphics.. (only slighty) more features.. but its free so yeah.

    ++Mu Online++

    Graphics, Gameplay, This might look like the Diablo 3 we have been waiting for.
    Alright game, fun considering free, Has a combination of 100,000 items, and real weather effects, plus solid gameplay. Just bit old.

    ++Kal Online++

    Appearance doesnt look too bad. I forgot if this is the game where i didn't like the camera angle. But nonetheless, this game looks decent for what it is.

    ++Endless Online++

    Endless is a 2d anime based online mmorpg. Once playing online rpg you *supposedly* can become rich and famous, fight evil monsters, become a hero or live as a normal citizen.

    My opinion, if your looking for a 'Life' away from life with cartoony gphx.. this may be just for you... hah.

    ++Free World++

    Received a new graphics overhaul. Not quite sure about this game. Looks decent.
    I just never played it before.


    Pretty Awesome game. Just received a new fat patch. Imagine Worms, but Online and anime style. Many mobiles (tanks) to choose from. And items to pump your avatar. Great time waster.. Don't play too much, you might get bored, unless your seriously training to rank up.

    +=Gate to Heavens=+

    Good game, with solid gameplay, and good graphics. For Lineage 2 wannabes who wants it anime style hah. ^_^

    ++Battle Position++

    Looks like a wannabe gunbound, but doesnt look that bad. Action platformer, with guns.. robots.. and explosions.

    ++Shot Online++

    Online anime-styled golfing game. Looks nice if you like a golfing game.


    A third person shooter MMORPG. Military style. Kinda RPG because you have to buy new equipment, and kill NPCs for exp, and the servers are not player based like most shooters. Not quite sure about lag problems though.

    ++*GUNZ ONLINE*++

    It is on beta right now. (i think you can sign up) It is a shooting/Action game.
    Graphics look awesome. Gameplay looks great. I will highly recommend this for computers taht have decent internet and graphics cards.

    ++IRON WAR++

    Looks like a Gundam-Robot Action game. Haven't tried it out. But looks fun XD.
    Might still be in beta(?)


    From the people who gave you gunbound.. softnyx.
    Awesome graphics. Interesting Gameplay. Looks awesome.
    Still in Beta. Must get game when open XD

    ++Slayer Online++

    Another Diablo-Type Looking Game. Good community and unique classes. I haven't play it though


    A Gundam-RPG Looking Game. Looks fun. But i heard it takes forever to get money.

    ++o2 JAM++

    In O2Jam you will find a variety of compositions ranging from soft ballads to heavy metal. O2Jam allows users to compete with players or perform as a group. As the players progress and improve they earn levels and rankings, this makes O2Jam an ideal game of friendly competition. Come be part of O2jam.

    This game looks unique, interesting, has decent graphics. Very Playable.
    Problem: Monthly Fee after a trial Time.


    This is a must have game. It's one of the only fighter games that I know you can play online. Of course it's mre made to play offline, but nothing is stopping you from getting it online. Anyways this game is absolutely amazing. Awesome graphics, great characters and cool special moves..

    ++AMERICA's ARMY++

    An awesome free army/war FPS MADE BY the army itself!!! The graphics are so freaking real it makes you think that you are the soldier. It gives you a realistic experince of the army, with urban and mainland assaults and many differnt weapons and game modes. USES UNREAL ENGINE.


    Dont tell m you didn't like Pokemon. Game still in developement.
    Lol looks interesting.

    ++Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory:++

    Great army/war FPS. I think its either free or in public beta. Either way you should deffinetly play it.

    ++IMVU++ [i]" Can your IM do this? "[i]

    The best 3D interactive chat I have ever seen. You create an avatar and then go into animated 3D scenes, like starbucks caffe or a ferris wheel and invite your friends to talk to them. You can do many actions/moves and dress your avatar any way you want. Best of all it's free, but you can buy credits for purchasing new moves/scenes/clothing/etc. You get 2500 free credits, plus 1500 credits for doing a survey.

    ++Tactica Arena Online++

    A fun turn based strategy game. Have you ever played OGre Tactics for GBA or Final Fantasy tactics? Well this is exactly like that except Online. You control a bunch of units and try to defeat your opponent. The only way to get new units is through random events during the day.

    ++GUILD WARS++

    AWESOME RPG. GUILD BASE. Not too much important about lvling. Thats how the system works. Its all about skills. Only One paymet to puchase CD. Otherwise free for use. Excellent RPG. I play it lots XD.


    These Sites contain Free Games. Some Downloadable. Some single player. Some multiplayer.

    Fun Games.
    Mo Fun Zone
    Project Design

    Freegames List
    If my guide isn't exspansive enough. Here is a link to another list.

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