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    continuity with DoW

    This has probably been talked about, but what's up with some of the units in DoW? Don't get me wrong, its a great game, but why does the land speeder have a TL assault cannon and a "storm bolter" that looks like a TL hvy bolter, yet still lack the firepower I want??! Next, the subject of the walker units, IE dreadnoughts, wraithlords and killer kans. THEY SIMPLY ARE NOT THAT GOOD. My friend beat the entire campaign with 10 dreads in each. NO LOSSES. THE WHOLE CAMPAIGN WITH NO LOSSES. It sickens me.


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    Its probly just to make it easier for the programmers. The Landspeed is wierd, point given, but its not that bad.

    The Walkers are pretty cool, but if your friend was playing with them all the time he'd have a hard time. He needs infantry for the stregic points. He also has a cap on vheicles. Also only from level 4 in the Campaign can you use dreads. So he can't do it for at least the first four levels.

    If you play the Campagin on "Insane" (like me) then you need more than walkers. And you take casualties.

    Your friend is lying if he got through the whole campagin and no casulaties.It is impossilbe, except if you reload to your last saved point everytime you take a casualty. In which case he's a bit of a loser.

    Just remember, thouh somethings are a bit odd in DoW, its not that bad a game after all. Actaully its pretty darn good.

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