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Thread: DoW patches

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    DoW patches

    I need a little help deciding whish one(s) to get. My dad owns a mac with internet, which he lets me use, but I need to tranport it to my pc via thumb drive. Any thoughts on whith
    one(s) to get? What is it called, what does it do, downsides, bugs?

    What is the daemonhunter patch?

    Thanks, all

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    you do mean MODS right? not PATCHES. there are big differences. patches are official updates to the games and mods are basically people's different spin on a game. they tweak different stuff and make it "better" in their opinion. usually these changes are for the better, but sometimes it just plain sucks. if you did mean mods then i would suggest the rhinoz mod, more vehicles, but unfortunately still the same vehicle cap . also i have heard good things about the daemonhunters mod, not sure which one, you would have to wait till those that use it such as Aun, Lynata, and the others come around and check this. i've played the tau mod and its pretty crappy... and i've played the cadian mods and i liked them. other than that i haven't really tested any other mods. also if you wanted a reply fast you should post early in the morning depending on where you are, try to post at the beginning of the day in GMT as most of our European friends will read it and be able to reply, whereas you posted it at the dead of night in GMT, so most of them are sleeping.

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    To start with, Patches are created and released to correct problems in the original release of a game. They do not usually add anything visible to the way a game plays. DoW is now up to its fourth patch (patch 1.4), installation programs for each patch should be found on the Web and installed in order. So, apply patch 1.1, then patch 1.2, then 1.3 and finally 1.4. If nothing else visible, these patches will make the game faster, and more stable. Apply available patches before adding any Mods.

    Mods are programs to add new 'playthings' to the game, mainly races and/or battlefields. The most obvious Mod about at the moment is the official Relic mod 'Winter Assault" that adds Imperial Guard (and a few new units to each of the four original races, such as Chaplains for the Space Marines).

    However, Relic have been very open and helpful towards people who want to design theit own custom-built races and units. The Mods I am most fond of are Rhinoz, Tau and Witchhunters.

    Rhinoz adds several variants to the standard Rhino. It is in fact my favorite, and certainly the most complete. Find it here

    Tau is a Work-In-Progress. However, it works pretty well and for a Tau buff like myself is quite fascinating. Find it here

    The Witchhunters is another Work-In-Progress, and again, very ambitious. The Steel Legion IG are pretty cool, and so are the effects the Inquisitors unleash. Find it (somewhere around) here

    Also, do not overlook the Community Map Packs, which contain some fine and challenging new battlefields. Find them here

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    On the subject of mods.. I was led to believe one existed that played like 40k, you know starting with an army and battling it out without the whole base building.. After searching for a few days, Im still coming up empty.. except for some other fine mods..
    Anyone know if the mod exists/ is ready for download/ a figment of my heat oppressed brain?

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