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Thread: Earth 2160

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    Earth 2160

    This is a new sci-fi rts due to hit stores next week.

    Here's the link to some great info and screenshots and a downloadable demo:

    I downloaded the demo last night, it's about 350mb and it took me a little over an hour with broadband.

    I played through about 15 minutes of one mission before 'real life' ambushed me.

    The graphics were exceptionally good! The music was very good and the atmosphere was immersive. Also what little voice I heard seemed competent although not award winning.

    What caught me off guard in a positive way was the addition of some roleplay elements and logistical considerations.

    The Major that I started with actually had an inventory screen which contained a medpack, his weapon and room for more items ( sorry I didn't explore this screen in more detail ), and not far into the mission I found a new weapon that he could use or replace in his inventory to continue using the original weapon. Then I found another medpack and it stacked on the first one giving some indication that they would play a very crucial role soon.

    On the logistics side his weapon had an ammo supply meaning that he could run out!! As I read the review of the multiplayer at gamespot I learned that you will have to build units to resupply your fighting units in the field!! That throws a whole new element of strategy that has been overlooked by every rts I have ever played. ( I never played earth 2150 or it's expansion pack so if these elements were in those games I didn't know about them. )

    The combat was fast paced, well scripted and unforgiving if you didn't pay attention to the onscreen indicators telling you how to put your squad in a prone position to minimize enemy firepower and the ai was clever enough to ambush my squad in a crossfire! And that was on the medium setting.

    All in all I have to say I'm looking forward to more of this demo and if it continues to amaze me then the game will have sold itself.

    Don't just take my word for it, check out the system requirements for the game and download the demo yourself!

    I had some quick fun and it looks like I just scratched the surface of very good game, only time will tell though.

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