Recently I have noticed some strange things in promisanse. Firstly, IWILLWIN and Fallen Angel abandoned their empires but instead of the scores changing so that they are 1-10 they are something like 2,5,7... Also, before they left their was 7 abandoned empires and 26 players registered, when they left it was 24 players registered and 9 empires abandoned. But what is stranges is Sevah has just plain dissapeared. Also, something I am confused about is the term of energy/food/grain. In the game farming to get food gives you energy which although seems to be the same is just strange and I am pretty sure that it doesn't mean energy as in food gives you energy. Finally about the name. The title shows it spelt "Promisance" and so do most places but in the URL it is and I was just wondering, why is this so? Thanks in advance to those that can help me answer these questions.