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    City of Villians

    After hearing about it over in the Super Villians Clan, and reading up on it, I was thinking of getting the game City of Villians for x-mas. I was just wondering what people think of it? Maybe I can get some player reviews from my fellow LO members if any of you guys own it yet? Thanks.

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    No doubt you heard about it from me?

    Well, firstly, I have to say it's the most addictive and fun MMORPG I've ever played.

    The world itself is wonderfully big, and after you get past the first few introductory missions, you have loads of ways to level up. It's not the same things over and over (except the beginning), and even when it's similar gameplay, it's still fun to run in.

    You are constantly able to get new powers and upgrade your old ones. The controls are near flawless, and it's the first ever MMORPG I've ever played where you can do things like JUMP. It's quite fun. You are free to move as you wish, basically.

    Character creation is the juiciest part of it. You can choose between Female, Male, and Huge (like the Hulk) for body type; you can change their muscle tones, height, and more. After that, you are taken to a screen where you are given not quite endless choices for costume pieces; head, chest, arms (sometimes), gloves, belt, legs, boots.

    The only problem with customisation is the colour choices; you have a wide variety of colours, but besides your skin colour, you can only choose two colours for your costume. Not a huge issue, though, as you can still make awesome looking characters using just two colours.

    The missions are pretty fun, for the most part; and the best part about it is the fact that you can do the missions solo, or with a team. I'm not positive, but I think that the game changes the number of enemies in the mission depending on the amount of people in your team; so a solo player will be evenly matched with enemies, but where a team of four would have an easy time, more enemies are added to make it more fun.

    You gain levels reasonably fast; I shot to level 10 very quickly, and I got to level 9 solo. I only paired with two other players because I had yet to try out teams; I think you level up FASTER when you are with a team, and it's incredibly fun, especially when you mix the classes.

    Before selecting your customisations (body type, costume, name, etc.) you select your powers. There are five basic "classes" for you to choose from:

    The Brute, who focusues on melee. High hit points, high damage output, melee only, this is the guy you see running around smashing others. VERY fun class to play! This is my main character, the level 10 one.

    The Stalker, a melee-focused assassin. First power is the ability to hide, and when hidden, can perform critical hits that deal twice as much damage. Can't take as many hits as the Brute, but great for high damage output and fun to make characters for.

    The Master Mind, a support-ish character who can summon from a list of four different things - Ninjas, Robots, Mercenaries, and finally Zombies. A difficult(er) class to play, but if played effectively, it becomes a one-man group (with the followers). Other powers, of course; the MM that was in my group had long ranged powers and the ability to heal the other members, all the while his two Zombies rampaged alongside us.

    The Dominator, who is another support character and is even more difficult to play than the Mastermind. Can manipulate things like fire, ice, gravity, and can have psionic capabilities, the Dominator can be difficult to use, but when used correctly has an amazing output of damage. However, the Dominator lacks in defense and, especially at higher levels, may require a team to help them out. Very fun class to play.

    The Corruptor, focusing on ranged combat. Can use things like a machine gun, fire bolts of energy, use X-Ray laser beams from the eyes, and even scream sonic waves at the enemy. Very much ranged, but has a high damage output as well. Another fun class.

    Heck, all five of the classes are fun to play! You receive a Primary power set, and a Seconday power set, and you begin the game with a single power from each. Starting at level two and every even level after that, you may select a single new power, either from the Primary or the Secondary power set; the odd levels, you have two enhancements you can give to any of your powers, as you see fit.

    After you hit a certain level, other pools of powers are open to you, such as Leadership, Flight, Speed, Teleportation, and other goodies. Instead of choosing a new power from your Primary or Secondary power sets, you can choose one from one of these sets, which in time can become quite useful.

    It may seem, at first, that there are very few powers and you can get them all quickly; however, as you play, you will find that it takes a lot longer than you think, and it may surprise you as to how you can still get enjoyment while using limited amounts of powers.

    There is also the addition of Super Groups, which you can start at level 10 but join at any level. Player-led organisations that have group colours, which you can toggle on and off to earn "Prestige" for your Super Group, which is the same as Infamy; Infamy serves as money for your character, Prestige as money for your Super Group. The Super Groups, with their Prestige, can design and construct their own secret hideouts, which can be open for raids by other villains for Player vs. Player action. I also hear that there are some areas in which heroes from City of Heroes can be fought by players from City of Villains, though I haven't seen much of that yet.

    Overall, it's the most addictive game I've played in a long while and I highly recommend it. It costs $15 a month, but that's not a huge price for what you get. You get the first month free, too. You may have 8 characters per server, and there are 11 servers; 88 characters! If you ever get tired with one, then you can create another and play, with a new costume, new name, new powers, and everything. It's very fun, but I warn you; don't start too many characters at the beginning, as it gets tiresome as you play the same exact missions over and over without getting any further.

    I highly recommend the game, and to be honest, I'd like someone else to play with. We could start our own LO super group.

    Hope this helps you out, man!

    Note: Recommended RAM for the game is one gigabyte; I have 512 MB, and it runs reasonably well, though lags a little bit. I'm looking into getting a better computer, but its playable on 512.

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