Probably one of the most under-rated game series ever in the history of the world. The story was garbage, the characters were awful and the dialogue was atrocious but the game itself was a real hoot. I loved the first one despite a lack of any replay value other than trying to complete all the battles by killing all the enemies without losing a man and getting all the treasure (including the Vandalier ones and the one at Kharanos City ^_^), the second one was... well plot-wise it was just as bad but the gameplay was a lot smoother, and even better thanks to some additions it was actually possible to use tactics and the suchlike. I only ever managed to play through it once before my PS broke however, and there's still a lot of the game I haven't seen.

This brings me to the point of the thread; if anyone knows any way I can get these games on the PC I'd be grateful, VH1 would be nice but VH2 is the one I'm really after. Any info would be appreciated, thanks .