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Thread: E3 2006

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    E3 2006

    So, is anyone paying attention to the E3 coverage? If not, I'll try to leave posts here with updates.

    Sony News
    Sony released the full launch details of their new console.

    Sony has gotten rid of the banana/boomerang controller and replaced it with basically the same thing as the PS2. The difference?
    Motion control. Just like the Nintendo Wii, it detects movement. However, this means that it will not have a rumble function, as it would interfere with the reading. It's wireless, with the option to plug ina USB cable if you don't want wireless.

    It will be sold as 2 different versions, much like the Xbox 360. One will have a 20 GB hard drive, and the other will ahve a 60 GB hard drive. The 60 GB has wifi, the sony memory sitck port, and and HDMI port. The 2o GB version lacks these.

    Surprisingly, sony has revealed the cost of this console. The 20 GB version will be sold for $499, and the 60 GB version for $599 respectively.

    The look:
    The controller is either silver or black. The console is pure black, though the 60 GB has a silver chrome finish on the edges.

    Microsoft News
    This is a direct quote from Gamespot.com:
    LOS ANGELES--Microsoft has released the Halo 3 announcement trailer on Xbox Live. The trailer, which is approximately 104MB, is available for free on the Xbox Live Marketplace, the online service available to Xbox 360 owners.

    To quote the accompanying text found on Xbox Live, Halo 3 is about Earth under Convenant rule: "With its defensive forces, all but obliterated, Earth has fallen to the unstoppable might of the Convenant. These alien occupiers have discovered something beneath the ancient African sands - something incredible... something Forerunner."

    Halo 2 ended in a cliff-hanger, with the Master Chief, the hero of the Halo series, returning to Earth in the midst of a climactic battle between the Covenant, an alien coalition, and Earth's defensive forces. It has always been assumed that Halo 3 would pick up seconds after its predecessor left off, but it appears now that it's set sometime a bit later in the future.

    The importance of a new Halo game for the Xbox 360 cannot be underestimated. The original Halo was a launch title for the first Xbox, and was easily the biggest hit, driving sales of that system. Halo 2, which launched in 2004, became a cultural event, with thousands of gamers lining up for hours for the midnight launch. Halo 2 made entertainment history by generating $125 million in sales in one day. However, Microsoft didn't mention Halo 3 at all during last year's Electronic Entertainment Expo, and fans had been left wondering when the software giant would finally drop the big news. Well, the waiting has now come to an end.
    EDIT: Link to Halo 3 news story and trailer:

    ...will be updated shortly.

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    I am following E3 closely and at the moment it looks like sony really have taken their eye of the ball. Anyone who I have said the price to have said they will either get a 360 or wait until the price drops a couple of hundred euro.

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