In certain places in the game, models or textures get screwed up. What makes it unusual is that these always are the same models/textures and in the same way.

That's one of the instances on the first level - see that outlined polygon?
Another case I spotted was Japan, specifically that some of the Yakuza henchmen get parts of their hair in a freaky yellowish-green color (while normally they should be black) and facial hair texture flashes for a moment on the face of one of them.
Next one - Project Carbonek. During the bike chase, some of the ice polygons disappear when viewed from most angles - yes, same objects, same polys.
After the train sequence and getting out of the destroyed station, the aggregates on the walls have some strange stuff with a couple triangles that make up the object being incorrectly positioned. Same triangles, too.

Other games don't cause such problems - in fact, I spent last two days playing Legacy of Kain: Defiance on max settings and 1024x768 (highest rez my old monitor can handle), and there were no glitches in graphic there.

There is a possibility that the problems might be caused by my HDD (which has recently started to fail, I'm taking it for replacement tomorrow), but I thought I'd rather ask, just to make sure.

Soo... is it my GPU dying (its still on warranty, at least) or are these glitches normal? Does anyone else get them?

-Sempron 2500+ on ASRock K7-880 motherboard
-1 GB RAM (Windows swapfile disabled)
-Radeon 9600