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    Dark Crusade Demo is out!

    You can get it all over the place, but here's one link for ya-


    It is Tau only, btw. None of the original four, IG, or Necrons are available. There are two missions, both against the Blood Ravens and there is no skirmish mode available. There is a tutorial however, like the SMs got in the first game and the IG got in WA.

    I guess the Tau are sort of like how they are in the table game- they're hard hitting but fragile. Even their Battlesuits are fairly flimsy. In a 1 on 1 match with a dread, the dread would win every time. You can also only make three of them, which while it's true to the table game, unless they've got some more options or something in this version, it seems really handicapped.

    You can't play as all their units, so it's hard to say for sure, but I never really felt like I had all that much stuff out. You can only make one type of vehicle though (the Sky Ray) and it's primarily anti-building, so that's probably why I always felt like I was getting my ass kicked.

    Sky Rays are pretty cheap (like 100, 200 I think it was) and they've got a special attack where they throw all their missles at a target. Hard to hit stuff that moves, but on turrets, listening posts, etc. they're devastating. Two missle salvos like that can take down a level 1 listening post easy.

    Stealthsuits will be a pain in the ass for everyone who aren't the Tau. Get this- they're always cloaked (think infiltrator scouts). Even when they take points and EVEN WHEN THEY SHOOT. The standard "sight" units still detect them (turrets, commanders, etc.) and occasionally they get spotted for no apparent reason, but all you have to do is get out of the immediate sightline and they're automatically back to invisible. Luckily for the rest of us, you can only have 3 of them in a squad. However, you can upgrade their weapon to a fusion blaster, Oh, did I mention you can buy them jump packs???

    Fire Warrior squads are decent, but again, without the full options in the demo, it's hard to say. They can get some sort of sgt. type unit (the Shas whatever- sorry, I don't know much about Tau), and probably some kind of health upgrade.

    The Kroot have sort of a cool ability in that if they kill (or help kill) an infantry unit, you can click the cannibalize button and they'll eat the dead and gain back some health.

    Things that aren't in the demo- Hammerheads, Devilfish, the Aun, all Kroot stuff except for the basic unit. I really hope that the Tau relic weapon isn't this big Kroot, but it almost seems like maybe that's the case. Think like the Ork Squiggoth. Seemed like maybe 60% or 70% of what all they're capable of in the full version was available in the demo, so again, it's hard to really say what they'll be like.

    Also, in the splash screens, there's blurbs about the full verison- the thing that has me interested is the fact that you get to customize your commander in the single player game. Apparently, the SP version is much more involved than it has been in the past. There's like a battle map and from what I've read, certain areas on the map grant you certain advantages or bonuses. I also get the feeling that you keep the remnants from one battle to use in the next one. All in all, it looks like it's going to be pretty awesome.

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    In the tutorial it says that Tau won't get any relic units.

    I was really dissapointed with the demo. I also felt that Tau were very overpowered (6 Fire Warriors easily taking down 10 marines for example?) or it might be the computer who sucked (I assume).

    I feel that the demo was simply to un-complete to lay a final judgement.

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    I think that the Tau's relic unit is the Narloc(sp?).
    They things that the Tau have that are in the game but aren't included in the demo are etherals, kroot shapers, krootox, devilfish, hammerheads, broadsides, drones, vespids, and firewarrior sergeants.

    The demo also explains that the campaign is non-linear but more of a map, like Rome Total War, etc. you can also customise your leader as he captures mor areas. The demo also explain that, like WA, each other race gets a new unit.
    Orks-Flash Gitz
    IG-Heavy Weapons Team
    SM-Grey Knights
    Chaos-Daemon Prince

    I also know that warriors, scarabs, wraithes, the lord and most of his goodies, a monolith, the nightbringer, destroyers, parirahs, flayed ones, and tomb spyders will all be available for necrons in the game.

    Tau firewarriors seem over powered but it is 210req for a squad and 70req for another firewarrior to be made. Incidently, kroot hounds are great at attacking buildings for some reason.

    The demo also shows that Kronos will not only have deserts, but jungles, plains and mountains, including sand, snow, and rain.
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    i found that the tau guys looked awesome, something that DoW developers have done very well. I also found that my army of scouts all armed with fusion blasters were way too strong, being able to way waste too about anything, especially that they stay cloaked, and that they have jet packs...if they stay this strong, no more chaos marines for me...
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