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    influence of cpu power to AI power in Dawn of War.


    I'm currently wondering if a difference in cpu power can have an influence on the performance of the AI players in a game.
    I have noted that when i host a game it seems to be a lot thougher then when someone else hosts one.
    It looks as if the game 'learns' or so. Where we previously had moderate trouble, the opponents now make serious trouble.
    I know that the CPU player actually cheats in the way that he knows what you are building and have so he can make the appropiate counterunit for it. But in games where someone else hosts, we can beat him relatively easely, when i host it seems that he has superior tactics or so. ( i suspect that my friends prefer me to host as it seems to make for a more intense battle).

    So i wondered if cpu power has something to do with it.
    I boast an amd 64 3000+ with 512 mb ram. and i am currently waiting for some parts to change to an dual core intel e6600.
    so what can we expect when the new rig is working? an even more powerfull opponent?
    or did we just have some bad/good luck with it.

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    I will start by saying we don't know enough information to say yes or no yet. However, it is possible. The game needs X power to run the graphics and do the physics. The rest is relegated to AI and such. Theoretically, if you have more CPU power for AI it could be smarter/more of a PITA. I have seen many posts saying how the AI is easy, or sits there and does little, and I have seen the exact opposite. We don't have different versions of the game but the AI definately appears to be acting differently on different computers.
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    If PC performance affected AI in DoW, it'd be the first I'd heard of it. It'd actually be the first time I've ever heard of any game's AI benefitting from it.

    The AI in DoW follows a script. From what I know, some of the update patches also update the script for computer AI. If you're playing through the DoW lobby, you're all probably using the same version, but if you're direct connecting, you might not be which could account for the difference.

    Are you sure your buddies are setting their difficulty the same as yours? If so, have you downloaded mods they haven't or vice versa? I know for a fact that the Steel Legion mod Dawn of Steel replaces the standard DoW AI script upon install and makes the game MUCH harder than the stock version even if you're just playing Winter Assault.
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