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    Maxim article on PS3

    Found this article of the maxim guys trying out the ps3...makes me kinda wonder if I really wanna get one.

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    Hmm, I think Maxim might have actually been too nice. They rarely say anything utterly sucks, a product of the marketing machine I guess.

    i got the chance to meet a couple of guys responsible for a podcast program on the most recent anime and video game news this weekend. They are a couple of great guys and they say what they think (keeping it real they say). They are completely honest in their assessment of the newest gen of game consoles. Their verdict : #1 Wii, #2 360, #4 PS3.

    They had their new systems with them and let everyone have a go, and having tested them myself I will have to agree with them. They pointed out that, of the PS3 titles currently available, about 85% of them cross over to all the other systems. So you dont need it for the games. The $600 is only worth it if you have to have a Bluray now.

    But at $250 you get a Nintendo Wii, including Wii sports. This game had the entire convention gathered around their table for hours as people bowled, boxed, and golfed to their entertainment and the entertainment of all those around them. Fun for the money? hands down, the Wii. You could play the game its packaged with alone for months. Also, it gets you up off your butt and you dont even mind! The controls are intuitive andvery precise, and there were no "sweaty grenade" incidents.

    If you get a chance, check out the guys at DFP: Digital Frontier Plus

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    from what ive heard and seen so far i still think that the PS3 will prove to be the better machine from this generation of consoles although if you are going to buy any of them now the other two have much more incentive to make you get them, namely that they are a lot cheaper and also the catalogue of games at the minute, even for the wii which has only just launched, is much better.

    Give sony a year or so and i think the PS3 will start to show what it can do.

    personally i think i may end up getting a wii soon, and a PS3 in a year or so when they will hopefully come down in price a little- 360s are cool but id rather just get a high end PC and give my money to microsoft that way

    He who makes a beast of himself gets rid of the pain of being a man- S. Johnson

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