ANyone who loves riding round on horses chopping people in the throat (and lets face it who doesnt!?) you need to check out 'Mount & Blade' which can be downloaded at:

basically you can get up to Lv 6 for free and then you get the option to buy the full game. The actual game is a bit slight (although story mods and LotR mods and the like add extra elements to the game) but what sets it apart is the combat. Basically its a late dark age setting and your character goes around gathering a retinue and fighting battles- the games graphics arent wonderful but still ok (a bit morrowindish) butit has one of the most satisfying combat systems, particularly from horseback, ive ever played.

Honestly im hooked, its ace. Plus if you dont want to buy the full thing (which is about 14 quid) you can just keep starting new characters up to lv. 6

Watch out for the Dark Hunters, and slaughter the Norse!