Hi, i play an online text based game which needs more players

its about thinking and planning with a bit of war (but war is really just clicking a button)

its quite complex and takes some getting into but i find it quite rewarding

anyway, its like a text based multiplayer version of civilation is probably the best description

it really isn't everyones cup of tea, its not got much by way of graphics and at times is more maths than doom type action

but i and others enjoy it so i thought i'd go to the effort of popping a wee post here to see if anyone fancies trying it

its tick based (so you get a turn every 50 minutes) and a game last about a month (but you only need to play once every 3 - 4 days)

anyway, hope this is correct section and i ain't breaking forum rules by posting this

i'm not spamming this around, just putting an advertisement to see if anyone fancies a try as i thought some people who play GW stuff might like it, i've tried to be as honest in my description of who the game will appeal to as i can

Age Of Chaos :: Massively Multiplayer Online Game

if you do decide to try the game i'm happy to try and help if you have any troubles, cheers