The inscrutable and unknowable Cephalyx lurk below western Immoren capturing humans and transforming them into mindless drudges with machinery, drugs, and horrible surgery. Cephalyx exert terrifying control over the minds of others even before enslaving them. The Cephalyx have concluded some unholy alliance with Lord Toruk, and now the mind slavers' drudges march to war alongside Cryxian thralls and helljacks.

The Cephalyx Slaver and Drudge Mind Slaves come in a box set of 6 (PIP 42005), and players may add up to two additional blisters of Drudge Mind Slaves (PIP 42006) to create a full unit of ten models. A player may have up to two units for every warcaster in his Cryx army. Additionally, allies may be used in certain mercenary contract armies.

The Cephalyx Slaver and Drudge Mind Slave Cryx Allies Unit Box (PIP 42005) and blister (PIP 42006) release this October. Read about the Cephalyx Slaver and Drudge Mind Slaves in issue 14 of No Quarter Magazine this September.