The kayazy, merchant-princes of the new Khadoran Empire, have long employed bands of skilled and ruthless bladesmen to settle scores. Now these private soldiers go south to protect their masters' investment in the war. With a swift dueling style honed on the pitiless streets, these casual killers easily avoid unfavorable fights to attack in a group and quickly dispatch even well armored foes.

Kayazy Assassins come in a box set of 6 (PIP 42007), and players may add up to two additional blisters (PIP 4200 to create a full unit of ten models. A player may have up to two units of Kayazy Assassins for every warcaster in his Khador army. Additionally, allies may be used in certain mercenary contract armies.

The Kayazy Assassins Khador Allies Unit Box (PIP 42007) and blister (PIP 4200 release this September. Read about the Kayazy Assassins in issue 14 of No Quarter Magazine this September.