Stalwart pygs have proved invaluable as scouts, spies, and ambushers. Their endurance and size also make them consummate tunnel-diggers. Now armed with incredibly powerful slug guns, these courageous pygs burrow across battlefields to catch the enemy unaware. The massive hand-held cannons penetrate steel and the thickest hide with equal ease.

Pyg Burrowers come in a box set of 6 (PIP 71027), and players may add up to two additional blisters (PIP 7102 to create a full unit of ten models. A player may have up to one unit of Pyg Burrowers for every warlock in his Trollblood horde.

The Trollblood Pyg Burrowers Unit Box (PIP 71027) and blister (PIP 7102 join Trollblood hordes this November and are detailed in the pages of HORDES: Evolution, releasing this August.