A Cygnaran order dedicated to the warrior philosophies of the god Morrow, the Precursor Knights are sworn to honorable combat and dedicated to protecting the innocent. The prayers of these righteous soldiers can knit flesh and protect them from malignant magic as they shield the helpless, preserve morality amid brutality, and lend their might to bringing peace even one step closer.

Precursor Knights come in a box set of 6 (PIP 42001), and players may add up to two additional blisters (PIP 42002) to create a full unit of ten models. A player may have up to two units of Precursor Knights for every warcaster in his Cygnar army. Additionally, allies may be used in certain mercenary contract armies.

The Precursor Knights Cygnar Allies Unit Box (PIP 42001) and blister (PIP 42002) arrive to bolster the armies of Cygnar this October. Read about the Precursor Knights in issue 14 of No Quarter Magazine this September.