Me, I held about a 60% win.

Didn't get in nearly enough games, but had a good time. Was somewhat disappointed by some of the missions, as they pretty much forced you to build a specific list if you were to have ANY chance of winning what so ever.

On the plus side, I did get a second turn kill, game lasted 8 minutes. Darth and everything else moved up a bit. Cryx caster with wings moved into some woods, but stayed within 1/2" of edge. I measured my control area-12", and called it a game.

Cast 3 focus velocity, then charged, and overkilled for 12 extra strength, taking 14pts of damage myself. 1 pow+S 27 hit later and he was dead, even though he was camped on focus. And I still had 3 more focus, plus my feat for another attack=)