I've been contemplating using this list at 1000 points:

10 Stormguard
10 Sword Knights
6 Trenchers
^Grenade Porter
^Officer and Sharpshooter
Rienholdt (Siege is the client)

Tactics would run along the lines of the IC and Stormguard go straight up the middle crushing stuff. Sword Knights would hunt 'jacks or large bodys of infantry, and with 2 Lancers they should have no problem getting flanking bonuses. Piper would run with Stormguard to make them even more disgusting than normal. Stryker would be used as usual, Knockdown stuff, disrupt jacks, AS, etc. Siege would pop stuff with his rocket cannon and try and get some good shockwaves from the Lancer. I would try and get my army in position to take out a large portion of his army, and then use Invincibility, making my infantry much more survivable. If my opponent attacks, I should survive with a bunch of stuff. If he hangs back, I should survive with almost everything. Either way, I should be set up for a devestating attack, and with the help of Siege's feat bring him to his knees. My only dillema is whether or not the Trenchers are worth the points I'm spending for them. They have no real role in my tactics other than general interferance, killing stuff, etc. Any comments or ideas would be great. Thanks !