Loud, bombastic, and bigger than life, Bartolo “Broadsides Bart” Montador has used his beloved cannons and warjacks to win fame and admiration with audacity, skill, and charisma. Though jovial and magnanimous, Bart truly is a bloody-minded, ruthless combatant who carries a legitimate letter of marque signed by the Ordic king. Few captains walk the delicate line between pirate and privateer with as much style as Broadsides Bart.

Captain Bartolo Montador, aka Broadsides Bart comes one per blister (PIP 41050), and players may have one of him in their army. He will work for any faction or Mercenary contract

Mercenary Privateer Warcaster Captain Bartolo Montador aka Boradsides Bart releases in December along with the Forces of Warmachine: Pirates of the Broken Coast expansion releasing this December.


Boasting a natural aptitude with machinery and a deadly swing with her 'jack wrench, Dirty Meg fits right in among pirate crews. Her ability to keep everything from warjacks to the ship’s boiler in perfect shape makes her invaluable, and her skills controlling 'jacks in combat make her a feared and prized privateer across the Iron Kingdoms.

Dirty Meg comes one per blister (PIP 41053), and players may field one of her in their army. Dirty Meg will not work for Cryx.
Mercenary Privateer Dirty Meg releases this December. Read more about Dirty Meg this December in the Forces of WARMACHINE: Pirates of the Broken Coast.