Privateer Press announces the second model in our Extreme model series: The Warpwolf Extreme Sculpt. As seen in the pages of No Quarter Magazine, this fine detail model from the sculptor who created the Dire Troll Extreme exudes raw, unrestrained power and unearthly grace. Suitable for destroying your enemies on the table, the Warpwolf Extreme will only be produced while demand last. Don't miss your chance to own this masterpiece HORDES miniature!

Why is this model exclusive to the online store and not in my local game shop? The online store provides a unique opportunity for players to purchase a model so big we would otherwise not consider producing due to the high retail price it would fetch.

The Warpwolf Extreme Sculpt is an alternate sculpt of the Warpwolf and is found exclusively on the Privateer Press Online Store. Each model comes with a Warpwolf stat card in English, and yes, that custom sculpted 50mm base comes standard.