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    New to Warmachine

    Hello all fellow Warcasters, I have recently had the Warmachine spark lit inside of me, and now I am eager to start. However there is only one problem. I can't decide on which faction to start

    I have, however, been able to narrow it down to 2 Factions, eliminating the Cryx and Cygnar from the running. Leaving, of course, the Khador and The Protectorate of Menoth. This is what I like about both:
    • Khador:
      -Russian feel, and slick models (although this is a commen thing with Warmachine)
      -Sweet 'jacks
      -Heavy Infantry
    • The Protectorate of Menoth:
      -Crusaider feel, and slick models (I'm a big fan of knights templar and such)
      -I've played them once, (starter box) and had a good time...

    What I don't like about both:
    • Khador:
      -No light 'jacks
      -'Jacks are slower
    • The Protectorate of Menoth
      -No way to heal 'jacks

    Also, I haven't gotten to know all the rules about infantry, and as such haven't made an educated evaluation of each of these factions based on troops. However, I am mainly focused on 'jacks as they are what drew me into Warmachine in the first place.

    Thanks for all the help in advance!

    Quote Originally Posted by MiketehFox View Post
    Ze KHADORANS vill Krush other puny factions into ze Dust! Then vill spread on Sandvich and eat! MMMMMmmmm...

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    Sorry it's taken us soo long to get back to you and your post.

    In general, warmachine tends to be headed towards an infantry heavy game.

    The reason I say that is that many of the infantry untis can simply decimate a jack for much cheaper, with more survivability, and without being a focus sink for your caster.

    That said, I certainly love running my jacks but have had a hard time as of late justifying taking one when I can take 1-2 units for the same price & get a solo or 3 too.

    Anyways, as far as khador goes, if you are into the jack style of play, then you couldn't have picked a better faction. most lists will focus pretty heavily on jacks and the caster synergize well with them.

    As for menites, they really do excel in the infantry area. that and all their jacks are pretty significantly different from one another (to me that is, compared to other factions).

    both have very different playstyles, and I've faced both and seen the bags of tricks they are capable of.

    Good luck to you, and perhaps you may wish to take a test spin over to PP's forum pages for a bit more info there.

    Cheers, TZ
    My armies:
    16,000+ of Eldar (only need flyers)
    7,000+ of Nids (want heirophant)
    6,000+ of Space Marines (need rever titan)
    4,400+ of Cygnar (all models for the faction)
    1,500+ of Legion (just started)

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