During summer league, my buddy and I decided to take a run at a 750 game, and I decided it was finally time to try Darth, in all his glory. I was running the 16th, with Darth, Stormlances, t-Head, 2 sword knights, storm blades, a few solos (storm smiths IIRC), and some storm guard.

He had terminus, some biles, a bloat, deathjack, a few chickens, and his revenant crew

I got first turn and deployed up front and mostly on the right side of the board, with stryker hiding behind my thead.

He lined up in the middle with most of his stuff, nothing special.

I went by splitting up, moving my thead and stryker up the right flank as far as possible, leaving stryker with a clear shot forward, and split everything else of to run up the middle.

Nothing else there=)

He trudges most everything up the front, lining up for the next turn when our forces will be in range of oneanother, except he splits LTT of to his left, lining him up across from drathstryker. He lands in some trees, thinking he's safe and getting some decent cover=)

As soon as he placed LTT down, i smiled and told him I had the game with one move next turn. He scowled, shook his head, then shrugged. He said, "nah, that's outside his range, besides you can't reach me, I'm in the woods."

My turn, I grinned, announced my activation of Darth, velocity for 6", declared the charge and measure it- 9 inches straight forward put me right outside the woods, but within a 1/2" of his base. I then overcharged for 12, ni turn taking 14 damage, and boosted my hit. One focus, base pow+S27 hit later it was all over. i still had 2 more focus plus my feat=)

needless to say, I claimed gloating rights for the week.