It has come to our attention that a limited run of just under 500 pots ofpaint, Formula P3 Rhulic Gold paint (PIP 93079), was incorrectly made by themanufacturer resulting in overly thick paint and pressurized contents. Ifopened the paint may spray out of the pot.
If you purchased individual pots of Formula P3 Rhulic Gold from July throughOctober 2007 and suspect ANY problem, do not open, or continue to use thepaint if previously opened. Return the paint to Privateer Press for a freereplacement.
Consumers effected by this issue should immediately contact Privateer Pressfor instructions on how to receive a free replacement with all postage paid.Contact Privateer Press customer service at (425) 643-5900 for full details.
This issue does not effect the Rhulic Gold paint found in the Iron KingdomsColors paint set or any other color in the Formula P3 paint range. PrivateerPress is reviewing the quality control process and working with the paintmanufacturer to rectify this issue.
If you have any concerns about the quality of any Privateer Press product,you should contact our customer service at orcall (425) 643-5900.