Well, I finished with the beast hunter award in our local stampede 2 weeks ago, and gotta say I loved the format.
I got in 4 games, which was on the high end, as several people only got 2 in. The event ran from 1-6, and was 500pt games.

Legion list for me with the following:
2 shredders
5 raptors
2 carniveans

First game was against skorne. Lost, but just BARELY.

Next game was against a searyn list (legion). Seemed an even battle until the end, when I went on a killing spree and instead of killing everything he had, went for the caster kill and got it. Talking later, my opponent realised he hadn't used his feat the whole tourney-doh. But the fact that he had respawn on his angelius allowed me to kill it twice for the extra vps.

Next game was against klauh and his trolls. Things were looking to be a tough fight until third turn when he forgot to upkeep and leach. He had the chance to do some serious damage but instead had an impaler stab a buddy, and he didn't have enough fury for what he needed. My turn saw my reindeer do a tap dance on his casters head (ignoring beasts again-doh!).

Last game was against circle. This went a bit lopsided and i felt a bit bad, but since it was the last game of the day, I decided to go all out. Last turn I ran down his running unit, his hiding solo, kill his last beast, and then punch his caster in the head for a total slaughter (I didn't lose a model in this matchup).

Ended up tying for beast VPs but had double the VPs of anyone else in the tourney so voila!

And we're doing the same thing again in december but with 500pts of warmachine, using stampede rules. Still haven't decided on a list yet, but am gonna try a few in the next couple of weeks. Thinking darius-thead-cent-alexia or a caine solo list.