Lead by their shamans, Tharn raze towns and villages, consume the flesh of men, and cavort in the dark forest. These brutal spiritual leaders conduct unspeakable rites praising the Beast of All Shapes and gather Ravagers for increasing strikes against civilization. Calling upon ancient blood magic, they grant their followers unnatural speed, strength, and resilience that only increases as they slaughter and feast.
The Tharn Ravager Shaman come one per blister (PIP 72031). A player may field one Tharn Ravager Shaman for each warlock in his army. A unit of Tharn Ravagers (PIP 72011) is required to field the Tharn Ravager Shaman.
The Tharn Ravager Shaman arrives in stores this March. You can read more about the Tharn Ravager Shaman in the recently released HORDES: Evolution expansion for the award winning game of Monstrous Miniatures Combat.