No Quarter Issue 16 arrives this January at a local game store near you.
Issue #16 features preview stats on 2 new warcasters and 2 epic warcasters, new scenarios based on the recent fighting in the Iron Kingdoms, and a tactics guide to getting the most out of your troopers in HORDES. Bring the deadly Arcane Tempest and Amethyst Rose gun mage prestige classes to your campaign. There's more - including another great studio painting guide, Stormblades and Stormguard in Guts & Gears, a new No Quarter painting challenge, and a whole lot more.
Special Promotion! In this issue of No Quarter is information regarding an exclusive offer for an alternative sculpt of one of WARMACHINE's most popular models, Eiryss, Mage Hunter of Ios. Readers purchasing issues 14, 15, AND 16 will qualify for the offer. See this issue for details.
Preview what's in store with No Quarter Issue 16.