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    Help a noob get started!

    Hey All!

    My friend suckered me into start playing warmachine, and i decided to go for it mostly because i'm interested in painting models. I'm especially fond of the Khador faction - I've painted a couple of minis already. But lo! now he actually wants us to *play* the game ;o using bottlecaps just to learn the rules.

    So, i've read through the rules, 2d6 yada yada. seems fun. but with such a plethora of units at my disposal, how do i build an army? How do i choose where and what to deploy?

    Basically, i'm looking for some footholds in the game, what to expect from the game flow and dynamics. Some simple dos and don'ts maybe.

    Some good gaming ideas for us to learn the rules would also be helpful.

    Thanks all!

    (oh and happy new 200

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    Well, LNs getting started post at the top of this forum is fairly useful (*linky* (Starting Warmachine)), and the game is fairly simple to pick up (rules and tactics-wise) once you've played a game or two.

    As far as force composition goes, in WM you *need* to have a Warcaster. I'd pick whichever one you think looks coolest to start off with, then start checking out the rules of others once you start to know the game a little better.
    Ditto units and 'jacks, to be honest. As far as I'm aware, there are no useless choices in WM, although as winning the games tend to revolve around finding good combinations of spells and/or affects, you might find that you end up using things you don't like the look of quite so much.

    For example, I play Hordes, and absolutely love almost all the Circle models, except the Gorax, who is pretty fugly IMO. However, his animus (a special ability similar to spells) makes a Warpwolf almost unstopable, so I often team him up with one...

    I would definately always recommend playing games with the actual models rather than with proxies, simply because it always looks much better!

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    Hey there poposhka.

    So, it would be good to know what you already have so we can advise you on where to go.

    I would reccomend the warpack(starter set) for khador. It comes with a great warcaster, and two good warjacks.

    As for what to build you have to really answer that for yourself.
    Khador is known for reallly tough warjacks that are very good independently but they don't syngergize very well between units. So you end up with a bunch of tough guys that work well, but none of the really boost eachother(other than overlaping offensive/defensive capabilities).

    The way the game is balanced right now, the infantry heavy lists have an advantage over warjack lists, because the infantry is very good, and there are more of them. A lot of times, infantry primary with warjack support is the way to go.

    If you have a specific warcaster in mind, you can build your army around their abilities to maximize them.
    For example, Karchev the terrible IS a warjack, and his abilities are designed to work with warjacks, so you could feasably build a karchev + only warjacks force and it would work rather well.

    Hope this helps.
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