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    Circle vs Protectorate

    I've now played against the Protectorate 4 times... all resounding losses. The first 2 times were my first 2 games with Circle, but the last 2 have been dismal (I end up not killing much, and get decimated). I was wondering if there is anything in particular that works very well against these Menoth worshiping zealots, or will I have to keep doing trial and error? The Menoth lists themselves are widely varied, with the only unifying factor between 3 of the lists being Zealots.

    If you need any more info, please tell me, I'd really like to break the loosing streak I have against these fanatics.

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    Menite forces are, in general, pretty slow and pretty weedy on their own. They rely on buffs to boost themselves up to the absurd levels they're known for.

    Fighting them is similar to fighting Trollkin, in that regard: once you can neutralize the constant buffing, you can pick them apart at your leisure.

    For example, to weaken Menite Warjacks, take out the Choirs, to destroy the Zealots, first take out the Monolith Bearer.

    Krueger Lightning Spam is hell on numerous, but frail Menite units.

    Additionally, quite a few of the Menite casters are pretty weak in combat. (Some are absolute gods, though.) A Kaya-portation Caster Kill could end the game quite quickly for you.

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