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    first list for cygnar

    I am planning out an actual list for my cygnar army so I know what to order soon.

    here is the list so far



    Journeyman Warcaster

    Trenchers(squad of 6)
    ^Officer and Sharpshooter

    Fieldmechaniks(with an extra Bodger)

    Gorman Di Wulfe(I love this guy)

    and my 750 pt

    for the most part it's the same except for these few changes

    Journeyman Warcaster

    Officer and Sharpshooter
    ^Grenadier(Yea I know it wastes a turn getting to them)

    Captain Maxwell fin gets added to the trencher crew

    Dirty Meg

    I might eventually try and fit a Thunderhead in there(but not at the expensive of my wonderful Ironclad)

    oh and my enemies are mainly a magnus agenda heavy on warjacks and has some long gunners and then a starter box of cryx with some minor addons)

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    Hoy mate,

    That sounds like a pretty solid list to begin with. Haley Ironclad and Lancer combo should be solid.

    In 500, I would probably throw the hunter on the JWC, and drop the mechanics, because hunters are awesome at any points levels, and especially against a magnus army.

    Gorman should work well shielding your mob from the Long Gunners too.

    Have fun!
    But I call to God, and the LORD saves me.
    Psalm 55:16

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    Hey man, pretty good list you got started.

    In my experience, field mech's are pretty.. well useless. They don't actaully function well.. despite that they look "ok" on paper.

    As far as your list goes, I'd consider changing the ironclad for a centurion (amazingly good with haley) lancer is a good choice, and I would agree with taking the hunter with the journeyman, its a great combo I often used. Because of Haleys "shooty" spell list, I find a full unit of longgunners SOOOO much more effective than trenchers, and to be honest, i never ever fielded trenchers unless it was a full unit of 10, and if it was to use as a smoke wall. Haley can use temp barrier, while the LG's get postion, double tap, and shoot the hell out of everything, and even combine fire to seriusly damage other warjacks.

    Good luck man.

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