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    New WM Player, My First List + Questions

    Hey all, just starting out with warmachine since I am going on sabbatical/vacation from 40k. I've bought a few things and I wanted to see if anyone can point out any major weaknesses in my list I should watch out for.

    Warcaster: Kommander Sorscha
    - Behemoth (Unique Heavy Warjack)
    Man-o-War Demo Corps (basic 3 guys)
    Total: 350pts.

    Things I noticed when testing against myself (since my friends and I just started, I am the only one with completed models so far):
    - The widowmakers auto damage ability seems to be scary good, especially against high ARM models like heavy warjacks.
    - Demo Corps should use backswing against lots of enemies and Ice Breaker vs tough ones. Seems obvious but threw me off after playing 40k for a while (since it is better to shoot a LOT of shots at things like terminators rather then a few strong shots most of the time).
    - Behemoth is a BEAST. In my mock battles between the Demo Corp guys + Widowmakers vs the Behemoth, it took the behemoth 2-3 turns to die and not before taking out the demo corp (thats assuming the Corp + Snipers attacked first). High ARM + Relentless + a 36 square damage grid makes him quite tough (takes a minimum of 30 damage to take it down)

    Any comments would be appreciated

    Last edited by Toloran; June 9th, 2008 at 19:57. Reason: EDIT: Answered the questions myself XD

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    Welcome to the proud army of the Motherland!

    That is an awesome starter list. Sorscha and the Behemoth is love since Sorcha's Tempest, Icy Gaze and Freezing Grip paves the way for some painful, painful bombard action. I like it!

    Soon, everyone will learn to hate your Widowmakers. And Sorscha. Everyone hates them. The Widowmakers are really good at killing units, thanks to their "plink"-ability. Demo corps are a great unit as well. Bit on the slow side with bad DEF, but with reach and Sorscha's Fog of War that's somewhat covered.

    I'm looking forward to hearing how this goes.

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