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    Merc needs some insight, partial blog and questions thread.

    Alright so against all odds Warmachine and Hordes (To a lesser extent) Has finally cropped back up in our area, and with a few more game stores nearby I can get some steady competition.

    Putting my Trolls to the side for the moment (I know, I miss them already) I decided to focus on my first army and drill myself in the new Remix rules: KHADOR!

    Ahh yes, the Russian wannabe's with an evil streak were my first and favorite, there is just something about the raw power and red paint scheme that makes me sigh with affection.

    Here is what I have after scrounging around for my old models:

    The Butcher.
    The Old Witch.
    Kommader Irusk.
    2x Widowmakers (Models, not units).
    1x Unit of Winter Guard.
    1x Manhunter
    1x Behemoth (In pieces, need to fix).
    2x Destroyers.
    Ix Man-O-War Kovnik.
    1x Unit of Mechaniks.

    I'm sorta pissed, since I'm missing my favorite caster (Vlad) and a BUNCH of models, like my Man-O-War unit, the rest of the Widowmakers and my other Manhunter.

    But it's not so bad, with a purchase of one box of Widowmakers I can make a full unit with the two models I have. Also I've always wanted the variant Vlad instead of the normal skinny one and can pick that up.

    Theme wise I always wanted to try a royal army from Vlad's homeland. To accomplish this I thought of doing a heavy infantry theme for Khador with Warjacks more in a support role.

    A unit of Iron Fang Pikeman with UA is a must, I forgot if I can have two of these, if I can they would make my solid core. This would be backed up with the Winter Guard unit with attachments, two Winter Guard morter crew, Yuri the Axe and two Manhunter friends, and maybe the new Cavalry for a more "Royal" look.

    This week I plan to buy the card pack, the Morter crew, Vlad, The Greylord Ternions (ALWAYS wanted these fools), and the Widowmakers. Maybe a Berzerker if I don't mind going hungry for a week.

    Alright onto questions: I haven't really touched Warmachine since the initial year it came out, and the year after that really. What all has change?

    What new tactics is Khador employing these days?

    Is a predominately infantry army absurd with Khador, since unlike Menoth, we don't have that much in unit buffs?

    Other than the casters I mentioned, how are the others? I've been eying Karchev, he looks like awesome sauce to me.

    The new caster releasing this month, how is she? Her look is really intriguing, but I don't know what she does.

    Anything else helpful would be appreciated.

    I played my first game back last week, a three way King of the Hill involving Khador (Myself), Cygnar (My new nemesis), and a predominately Pirate Merc army with Eiryss in two (She is STILL around? Thank god I remember how to nab her).

    My list looked something like this:

    Man-O-War Kovnik
    Winter Guard Unit
    Widowmakers unit
    Mechaniks Unit.

    Using Advance Deployment I sate the Manhunter right on the hill, and wouldn't you know it? Eiryss was right across from him. This was probably the most humorous battle for any piece of terrain I have ever had, as both Assassins dueled for control of the hill for 4 rounds! Yes, our rolling what that bad that we fought that long. The Cygnar player kept making quips about how I should have fielded a Womanhunter, which only helped to degrade my Manhunter's already faultering confidence. On his last hit point though the Manhunter came through and rolled three 6's on his damage roll, effectively taking the hill for Khador.

    All the while the battle around the hill took place, with Cygnar in the middle it was basically a push through them. I have to give the Cygnar player credit though, he held us up good. I have a new disdain for the Lancer 'jack, who gave my Kodiak all sorts of problems.

    The Butcher was an interesting piece in his straight forward play style, I have yet to use him and he did wonders. Charging a unit of trenchers he pretty much dimolished them, opening a path to his caster (Hayley) for my Winter Guard to harass.

    When all was said and done, everyone forgot about the main objective (The Hill) that my seriously wounded Manhunter was lying on for five turns, effectively granting me the win when the game was over with.

    Overall I hadn't lost a model, and the only unit to take any notable damage was the Kodiak from the Lancer (Stupid Cortex rule...)

    Anyways there's my rant/question/semi-blog for the day, and thanks in advance for the help.


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    Skeletor=Pimp. Stunted_Merc's Avatar
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    82 (x2)

    Wow, such riveting comments so far! I got a lot of insight from the suggestions, thanks folks

    Anyways I've planned an overall 750 pt. list for the theme I want to run, centered around Vlad and the "Old style" fighting. I don't have the Mk.II deck yet, so some of this stuff is guesstimated until I can cash my check and buy it.

    Vlad, the Dark Prince of Umbrey.
    -Kodiak or Berzerker.
    -Drago (When available, Guess.)
    -Wardogs (Guess.)

    Man-O-War Kovnik.

    Iron Fang Pikeman (10x)
    + UA (Guess.)

    Iron Fang Pikeman (10x)
    + UA (Ditto.)

    +WA (guess.)

    Winterguard Mortars (2x)


    Yuri the Axe.

    Manhunters (2x)

    Iron Fang Uhlan unit (Guess.)

    Greylord Ternions.

    For fear of adding anything else to overpoint, and since my guessing could be off a lot, I'll leave it as is. I plan to go infantry heavy, with 'Jacks in a more supporting role (Either as cover or decoys). I heard Drago was a beast, and has affinity with Vlad, which is perfect!

    Kodiak I'm still iffy about, might replace with a regular Berzerker for some more theme and a little brother for Drago. I love the IFP, and they work equally as well against infantry or 'jacks.

    I'm sure I am overpointed now that I look at it, but tomorrow or the next day I'll be able to pick up everything I need to make a proper list.

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