The valley’s cliffs towered above the roaring river, washing mighty boulders, the size of Warjacks down to the sea. The cliffs echo the sounds of battle, swords clashing, Claws tearing metal from armour. Above the mighty bridge burns from the battle overhead. A Juggernaught crashes into the ocean below, and a Trollkin peers over the edge of the bridge watching the Warjack float down the raging waters. Longgunners fire upon the advancing Woldwardens, slowing fire only to let a mighty Centurion past. The blue Warjack runs at the Woldwardens, bearing it’s spear down upon the Wold’s body, smashing it into pieces. The Siege of Merywyn Pass has begun…

We need 8 players to play, hopefully one from each faction of WM/Hordes, this campaign will be played via the WM/Hordes Vassal Module found here:
The Vassal Engine can be found here:
Coming Soon...

Here are the rules, more instructions for players at the end.

You may choose two 750 point detachments from your faction, NO Mercenaries, so basically two armies. In battles you may choose from either detachments, but must have a Warcaster/Warlock form the detachment, so if you use models from both detachments, you must use a Warcaster/Warlock from both detachments also. Epic Warcasters may only be used in 750+ point battles. Warcasters/Warlocks can only control Warjacks/Warbeasts from their own detachments.

As per Prime Remix.

Campaign Rounds
Each campign round consists of 2 actions per gamer. Attacks, movements etc are all counted as one action, so you may move to claim a Province then attack. So if you are challenged that counts as one of your battles. The order of declaring challenges etc will depend on the victory points earned in the last round, so the person who earned the most goes first and so on. You may attack/move to areas adjacent to any Province, you control, explained below.

After every game, the players will add the victory points they earned to their War Chests. These points can be used to be upgrades as shown in the Warchest table below.

New Detachment
Buying a new 750 point detachment costs 75VP

Epic Warcaster/Warlock
Upgrading your Warcaster/Warlock to their epic version costs 20VP

Mercenary Detachment
You can hire a Mercenary Detachment for two campaign rounds for 30VP, you do not need the Mercenary Detachment’s Warcaster/Warlock in a game if you use this.

Hiring Mercenaries
You may hire 20 points of Mercenaries for a single battle per VP spent.

Reserve Flanking
After intial deployment and before advance deployment, the player who buys this may place a unit on any table edge. Costs 10VP for each use.

You may place one additional terrain feature for 10VP
Victory will be decided by Province points, shown on the map below. Certain Provinces are more valuable than others. Each player will start with three Provinces. These will be spread out, so battles can start earlier. Each starting province will be worth three points so you start with an even amount of points. Every battle you fight will be over a Province. If no-one is currently holding that Province it is automatically yours.

Send me your two starting 750pt lists via PM, once I receive enough, I will post them here and the first round can be started, this round will be randomly determined for order. Any other questions just ask here.